Each COLOR JEU crayon has own personality! 

Meet our friends


The name says it all! RED goes crazy for anything that shines and SPARKLY. All-time energetic RED always gets away with the grandma’s pumpkin soup. How? Well… It’s simple. RED keeps the grandma busy! That way, RED gets starry-smoothy instead of pumpkin soup.  


Have you not heard yet? This guys is a hero! Last year, YELLOW saved neighbor’s cat trapped at 6-feet tree. YELLOW enjoys adventure. So, today, we are going to ride the yellow spaceship, made with toy trolly and a box, and become the very first rangers in town. Under one condition, though, you must eat and dark chocolate!      


Baby GREEN used be so jumpy and scared easily. So this guy’s family named little GREEN, 'FEARLESS'! Guess what? No more nervous jumpy moments. Yesterday GREEN hung out with YELLOW all day long. At night, closet monsters become dear friends of GREEN. Are you scared of something? Before you go to bed, write this magic word-I’m FEARLESS like GREEN’ BAMMM! 

Free spirited. Ukulele player, singer, awesome listener, and popular friend to everyone. Got a secret? Tell BLUE! It will be safe with this guy.      




PURPLE is an artist, nature-lover, and dreamer. PURPLE likes to find baby trees and newly blossomed flowers in town, and this guy’s favorite friend is a blue banaaa-na. Pearl bracelet, a gift from sea shells, is the all-time charm.


AAAAAAAH!, that’s right! You can’t miss ENTHUSIASTIC BROWN. When you meet this guy, you’ve got two choices: pretending that you are in the middle of something or hang out with BROWN doing…. tumbling 100X, spelling bee challenge 30X, bake 18 lemon cakes! Actually there are more lists. Hope you have fuuuuuun!    


INSPIRING ORANGE often travels the galaxy. This guy knows everything in the universe like art, animals, people, small and big things. Got a fun imagination? I am sure ORANGE knows how to make it happen. All you need is a crayon and a paper to draw your imagination with a touch of inspiration.


C’mon, Who does not like GERANIUM? This DYNAMIC GERANIUM is favorite of everyone and you can find this guy in flower, ice cream, designer clothes, and the sunset. But please don’t confuse GERANIUM with PINK, because DYNAMIC GERANIUM will get really sad.